The Democratic Party’s Path to Salvation

After the remarkable victory by Donald Trump to seize the presidency in the 2016 election, the Democratic party has fallen to shambles with no front runner leading the pack.

To have any success in defeating the GOP at any level, the Democratic party must conquer these five crucial hurdles.

Number one: Distance and separate all ties to big business.

As former President Obama’s cabinet was being picked after the 2008 election, the writing on the wall was clear that it was strongly influenced by donors of the Obama campaign, most notably JP Morgan. It has often been a conservative talking point of how Hillary Clinton does paid speeches on Wall Street and goes off spouting rhetoric about having a public and private policy. Special rules exclusively for them.

A big appeal to the Trump campaign was that he was largely self-funded and took very little donations. In the voters mine the likelihood of trump flip-flopping once he got into office was much lower and now to the dismay of the Democrats he stuck largely to a lot of things he said on the campaign Trail thus enhancing the emphasis of this issue. American voters need to know that their interests are being represented for. They want to know if who is sitting at the table is really thinking about them.

Number two: Abandon identity politics.

Identity politics at its core is divisive and seeks to divide by putting gender/race at the top of the hierarchy of personality instead of the individual. This only leads to chaos as once you’ve identified one way to distinguish between two people you have opened a Pandora’s Box of infinite ways to separated and categorized. These different cliques then form their different agendas most of which conflict with the others.

However through the guise of tolerance/acceptance/representation/kindness, identity politics is utterly demeaning and goes against the very fabric of what this nation was founded upon. To be seen as just a black man or a white woman rather than a fully fleshed-out complex individual with their own unique perspective and voice is akin to a farmer distinguishing the pig pen from the cow pasture. In my eyes it is reprehensible and every way and is cultural Marxism that seeks to create more barriers between us and produce nothing but nihilism.

Number 3: Watch the ties to Big Tech

Since the loss for the election, tech companies like Twitter and Facebook have noticeably increased efforts to police down offensive language and content. Ultimately, as a business, it is only logical that they take the actions that appease the majority and that would be promoting more neoliberal media outlets (Vox, Guardian, NYT, Politico, Salon).

This is within their rights of course. While I may not personally believe in it they are within their power, but it only helps to create more intellectual isolation; which leads to inaccurate polling which led to the defeat in 2016. There have also been rumours of a potential Mark Zukerberg run in 2020. If the Democrats take this option, it would be utterly disastrous and would lead to most likely a biggest political landslide in this country’s history for the re-election of Donald Trump.

Not only is there a well executed and researched David Fincher film depicting Zuckerberg as a cold and manipulative individual, his reception in the general public is cold; with people typically memeing as a “lizard person” (something that no scientist has disproven)

Number 4: Move closer to the center.

Every wonder why the number of headlines of “far right politics hitting the mainstream” seems to be endless nowadays? It is because the modern democratic party has moved so far left that now even former democratic ideals and policies are seen as right wing. We have left of center liberals like Dave Rubin bring classified as “far right” simply because the other side is so far gone and ideologically divided that it leaves Republicans are the only ones making sensible platforms (and by Republicans I mean, President Trump. Let’s get one thing clear; whatever Cruz, Rubio or Jeb! had up their sleeves was to only appease the further radicalized left and anger right wingers with their limp wristed policy flip flopping.)

Whenever you move to the edges of the political axis, you loose the general public and attract radicals. You give a platform to ideals that a large majority doesn’t want implemented. A majority of swing States are fairly balanced in their population of Democrats and Republicans, that’s why a sensible centrist platform is partly necessary to seize the presidency.

President Trump’s campaign rhetoric seemed divisive by the media as they harped on his hard-line immigration policy. What didn’t receive coverage was the numerous centrist economic policies which attracted those on the other side of the isle to switch sides at the polarization of the increased radicalization of the left.

And finally number 5: Accept the failures of the past.

Former President Barack Obama was an inspiration to people of all colors and ethnicities that wanted to believe that the level of success they could achieve was not determined by their color. Hillary Clinton has devoted her life to this country at nearly every level of government possible for decades. Despite these things, the facts still remain: when the American people needed them to step up to the plate. They failed.

Obama’s stimulus package was one of the most egregious act of the 21st Century; essentially rewarding years and years of willful negligence that allowed the housing market to crash with the money of the same people they just put in a financial hell. Not only that but the complete abandonment of discarding the Patriot Act and actually adding an extension to it while in office was an indefensible offense.

When the American people wanted honesty about Benghazi, about her emails and the inner workings of the DNC. They were usually met with ridicule online and called conspiracy theorists; despite a seemingly never ending treasure trove of evidence provided by WikiLeaks suggesting that there was indeed levels of corruption within the Democratic party that would make Richard Nixon look like an amateur.

The left has built an atmosphere where critique of any of their representatives, positions or policy is seen as grand treason. This means that any voices calling for change of any sort are immediately shut out or driven to the other side. If the Democratic party is to survive, recover and thrive, this mindset needs to change.

My personal recommendations:

As a former classical liberal turned Trumpetier, I recognize that this democracy is at its strongest when both sides of the aisle have their strongest candidates forward and work towards the desires and benefits of the American people and not large corporations or foreign entities.

I mentioned Zuckerberg earlier as a potential candidate but only to disastrous results. Bernie Sanders will be too old to be seriously considered. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are both offshoots of the identity politics progressives will be rejected by the general public. Elizabeth Warren, who has molded herself into some sort of Hillary 2.0 in her public speeches, would be a tough sell as well. Joe Biden, a well respected man who would be a very popular choice for the Democrats, has sadly been dealt with intense personal tragedy one after another that I believe the emotional toll of a campaign run would simply be too much.

There’s only one individual who I can think of currently who can bring the left back closer to the center and into power and it is Tulsi Gabbard. This in no way is a full endorsement of Tulsi but as it currently stands, she is the only individual with the kind of moral fiber, relatability and sensible bipartisan policy making that the Democratic party needs if it wants to continue to exist.

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