GSX Group, tZERO, SharesPost, and Techemy among founding members of the Verified Token Framework to provide interoperable security token guidelines

A consortium of some of the most influential blockchain industry leaders have announced the launch of a common framework to facilitate market interoperability of security tokens. The Millbrook Accord, formed at the Blockchain South Leadership Summit 2018 at the Millbrook Resort in Queenstown, New Zealand, includes SharesPost, Techemy, tZERO, Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group, Global Advisors, ERCDEX, NEM, HyperLink Capital, Alchemist Ventures, Bankorus, Blockchain Labs, and AnyPay.

Governed by the Blockchain Token Association (BTA), the Millbrook Accord is a working…

Enabling the brightline controls required for Security Tokens. An interoperability framework for global participation in the security token market.

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