Tokensale over, thank you!

We held a pre-sale for the 500 whitelisted members at 2pm UTC on 6 Dec.

We hit the soft cap of $1.5m within 10 minutes. The $2.5m hard cap was breached within 90 minutes.

This exceeded every single one of our expectations; thank you.

Checking your CRED balance

If you participated in the tokensale, you can view your CRED balance by following the steps for your wallet

1. Metamask

To view your tokens on Metamask, Click on ADD TOKEN under TOKENS tab:

You will be prompted with a screen like this:

In the Token Contract Address type “ 0x672a1ad4f667fb18a333af13667aa0af1f5b5bdd” the details should automatically show as:

Click Add and you will be able to see the tokens in your account.

2. MyEtherWallet

Head to and click on the second menu item Send Ether & Tokens:

You will be prompted with a screen that asks you how you would like to access your wallet, choose the appropriate:

Scroll down, you will see a screen like the one below (should be a block to the right):

Click on Add Custom Token you will see the below screen, in Token Contract Address, fill the value verifyas.eth or “0x672a1AD4f667FB18A333Af13667aa0Af1F5b5bDD”, the other details should fill automatically. In case it did not, under Token Symbol fill the value “CRED” and under Decimals fill the number 18 as below:

Click Save. You should see the token in your account.