Weekly Update: 12th Jan 2018

Hello everyone,

We spent the past week interviewing numerous sellers from a particular niche. This week, we’re moving down the list and working on the next market. We prioritize markets based on how badly they need our solution (absolutely-need vs. nice-to-have) and willingness to pay (a metric for how much they’d be willing to pay for it).

We initially developed a prioritized list of markets based on our estimate of their score on each metric, and are working our way down. At the end of this exercise, which we predict will take another month or so, we’ll be ready to share an alpha version of our solution — catered to this niche. Software development will then commence hand-in-hand with customer development, to ensure we’re always testing what we’re building, building the required infrastructure as needed (including our API, javascript libraries and integrations).

We’re also hiring! 🚀
That’s right, as we get closer to locking our market down, we’re bolstering the technical talent on our team. We’re hiring for two main roles, including a CTO and a front-end developer. We’re reviewing internal references ahead of posting these opportunities publicly this week.

On the exchanges side, we’re still waiting on several exchanges (including KuCoin) and are following up with other prospects. This week, we signed on another exchange: index.market, bringing the total number of live exchanges to six. We’re considering several paid exchange listings and, as always, will be posting updates here as they happen.