Weekly Update 22nd Dec 2017

Greetings everyone,

We’re currently in the process of interviewing numerous Small and Medium-sized online sellers in a promising niche we identified. As previously mentioned, our goal is to understand the challenges they face with their current online payments solutions. We’re expecting things to slow down because of the holidays. but we’ve already setup calls with those that are available. Again, the end goal is to build a product that we know people absolutely need.

Also, we setup a community where we will be able to easily push updates (here). Telegram’s great for real-time communication, but this will be more beneficial in the longer term in addressing repetitive questions and having high quality discussions around specific topics. If you haven’t already, join our community 👋.

We are still in talks with exchanges and we constantly update the community page here. If you’re a Bisq user, you can now find CRED in there.

Forbes exclusive article on Verify

We talked to Forbes in an exclusive article about Verify, where they explain the idea and what we set out to do. Read more about it here.

Bounties Settled

We have finished settling all bounties and all participations should have received their tokens.


Went down for a while but should be back up. Updates on their Twitter.

Other news

Enjoy the holidays everyone!