Factory Audit

What content will be overlooked during Factory Audit?

Carrying out a China factory audit is an essential part of sourcing safely from China, A factory visit, audit or inspection is your chance as a buyer to gain much deeper insight into a potential supplier, so it’s important not to waste it. During the visit to your supplier’s facilities, you are easy to overlook some valuable information from the source provided by the factory.

1.Overlook to validate the documents

You can imagine that the most factories can provide the false record for your review. Please remind even false record also have valuable information.

Take one example, the internal QC inspection report will show which area the factory will check or test. If main checkpoints were missed at the report, it means that factory will out of control some quality points.

equipment was not calibrated at incoming material inspection area

2. Overlook the Warehouse

Checking out a factory’s warehouse can also provide valuable information . Looking at the warehouse has the following advantages:

You may be able to assess the volume of production based on what’s stored in the warehouse.

The state of the warehouse can reveal a lot about the factory’s organisation and process management.

You can often get a rough idea of what other orders and customers the factory currently working with.

You get to see how your products and the materials for your order are treated before production and shipping.

The material and product storage method show different angle to view quality management.

3. Overlook production volume

The obvious metric to be assessed on a China factory audit is quality. However, it’s also important to confirm that a factory is really capable of the output volume it claims to have.

The many suppliers will take you to visit good example of factory. When you placing the order, they will subcontract your product to other small workshop. As you can imagine, you visited factory is not for your production and only for your visiting.

4. Overlook the outsourcing production process.

Many auditors will pay attention to production process inside the building but overlook the production process outsourcing.

If any outsourcing production process, please check carefully how the factory to control outsourcing process.

If the manufacturer is well done in outsourcing process control, it means that the factory has full control over the whole process.

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