We’re Verishop, a new kind of online-shopping company

When was the last time you enjoyed online shopping? Truly shopping — browsing, discovering, getting inspired.

E-commerce was supposed to make shopping easier, and for everyday commodity items, it has. Search, add to cart, check out, done. But in making the experience more efficient, it lost much of the joy of discovering something new that you truly love.

In the few months since our founding, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the differences between buying and shopping, and the emotions that drive both. We see an opportunity for an e-commerce company to bring joy back to online shopping and do it at scale with the ease of online purchasing and fast delivery we’ve all come to expect.

When we talk to brands, many share our concerns about the current state of e-commerce. They want to grow their businesses online to reach millennial shoppers, but few platforms align with their values. They’re being asked to pay for better placement, battling unvetted third-party sellers and counterfeit products with little recourse, all to the detriment of their brand integrity.

That’s where Verishop comes in. Our aim is to create an online retailer that better serves both customers and brands. We’re spending time evaluating and selecting only the brands that meet our standards and resonate with our customers. We’re building an online-shopping destination that will evolve to meet customers’ needs so our brand partners will thrive. We’re making a place that elevates our brand partners’ identities so customers will have more delightful opportunities to discover new products.

Our team here at Verishop has deep knowledge in e-commerce, retail and online user behavior, starting with our founders. Our co-founder and CEO Imran Khan hails from Snap, where he served as chief strategy officer and helped the maker of Snapchat grow from zero to an annual revenue run rate of $1.2 billion in just four years. Verishop co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Cate Khan comes from 8 years at Amazon, where she was most recently senior vice president of retail for the Quidsi business. We’re armed with $17.5 million from investors led by Lightspeed Ventures to help fund our mission.

If you’re interested in joining the team, see our current opportunities at verishop.com. If you’re a brand who’d like to discuss a partnership, drop us a line at brands@verishop.com. And if you’re as excited as we are for a place to find verified brands you love to shop, sign up to be one of our first customers.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store.