I’m 18. Should I go to college?


No you should not. Unless you want to become a doctor, engineer, or something similar that will eventually be taken over by robots.

What is being taught in college is for a world that was around decades ago. It worked back when jobs were plentiful and there was little automation.

Today, automation is rapidly increasing and there are few jobs.

What is being taught in college is how to follow rules and memorize information that you can find on Google. It worked back when computers were not around.

Today, following rules restricts your ability to grow. Information is at your fingertips. You don’t need to memorize things you don’t need.

I graduated last year. Enjoyed my four years in college. I partied a lot, drank a lot, smoked a lot, studied enough, and joined organizations that helps me interact with high performing professionals.

Regardless of all of this it was a waste of my time. Some classes that I took were interesting, but the majority of them were boring and not bringing any value that I could use for my present state.

You go to college to prepare yourself to the real world and to build skills that will make you a valuable member of society.

College does the complete opposite. It doesn’t prepare you for the real world. It focuses on teaching left leaning ideas, allows safe spaces and tries to brainwash you into hating successful people.

It doesn’t help you build any skills. Memorizing and taking tests doesn’t build skills. Taking notes and sitting in a classroom for hours at a time doesn’t build skills. Humans need to do things and experience them in order to build skills. Everyone is completely different and learns differently and having classes of more than 100 students is an absolute joke when it comes to building skills.

Imagine this. You are paying more than $20,000 per year to sit in a lecture hall with more than 200 people and get graded based on an electronic grading machine. If this doesn’t show you the insanity of the college system then nothing will.

The brainwashing is so good that you are taught to think college is mandatory to do well in life. If you aren’t careful it will be a massive hinderance to your life both economically (student debt, not working) and socially (lack of independent thinking, no critical thinking).

Many people will argue that they went to college and are doing well. Obviously I can go to Burger King and not get fat. The college system is broken and it has been broken for a while. It takes society decades to adjust to the present day.

The people that are making money and building a life for themselves are those that have detached themselves from the norms of society and followed their own path. For most college will not be their own path.

You might be hesitant to not go to college. Everyone of your friends are going, your parents expect you to go, society expects you to go. I get it it’s difficult. But stop and think about how many of your friends will be happy and successful, how your family is doing, and how society is currently doing. These are the people that are telling you to follow the system. Regardless of whether they love you or not they have been following the system as well. For most people the system will suck them in and not let them out for the rest of their lives.

You want to go against the system and live a life of freedom that you can decide for yourself.

Before taking such a big decision like going to college. Take two years off after high school and start interning at a business, start your own business, and learn as much as possible. You are taking control of your life today. You aren’t giving the control to someone else. You aren’t allowing some higher education entity take control of your education and of your future.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by gaining experience through your internship, building sources of revenue and becoming a professional through your businesses and learning what you want to learn through your own self education.

Stop allowing society to control your life. Take control today and you will see how much farther ahead you will be than your peers, family members and society.

If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t have gone to college. I would’ve immediately started my social media marketing business in high school, interned with an experience business professional and created my own learning curriculum.

You were born to achieve greatness. Greatness is not given, but achieved.