Salman Khan Video: Salman Khan Reacts On Arpita Khan’s Pregnancy

Video: The way Salman Khan reacts on Arpita Khan’s pregnancy is unbelievable

It’s slightly weird to see the way Salman reacted at a recent event when asked to comment on his beloved sister Arpita Khan being preggers. Now that it’s official and even Salim Khan has said it, one expected that even Sallu will be heard saying something like, ‘I wish them lots of happiness for their awaited bundle of joy….’ But rather what he said made us stare at him in disbelief!

It all began when a joualist asked him about Bhushan Kumar, and Salman spoke at length describing how Bhushan is a gem of a person. “His father was a great man and a very good friend, and so is he. All I can say is that he is doing a great job. He has a great goodwill in the industry….” said Khan along with many flowery sentences…basically all the good in the world he could say about a person.

Gauging his mood and his chilled out way of talking to the media, another media person asked him that what does he have to say about preggers Arpita Khan. To everyone’s surprise, Salman just grinned, showed his back, and walked away from the lens as to end the interview after this brief laughter. If at all he felt that this question got too personal, it’s basic ethics to say, “This is a personal / family matter. I don’t want to talk about this.” That’s the usual way most celebs explain their right to privacy. Simply laughing it off like it’s some relationship rumour, made him look a bit ignorant. Imagine, such a rosey set of lines for Kumar and not even a single word for his dear sister? Plain WEIRD.


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