Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

First of all, thank you so much for being a foster mom. You are where the rubber hits the road of loving children. Thank you so much.

Secondly, I shared this article on Facebook, and it was very soon after shared by three other mothers with four or more children. I think you touched on something that all of us with above-the-average-number of children feel. People say they love children, but then they look down on us when we choose to show our love for children by having more.

I feel like our society in general — and very, very often the Christians and pro-lifers — do not love children when it gets to the sticky messy parts. They don’t reach out to the orphans, and they and look down at the poor and struggling and look down on them from a position of pride.

Your article brought it out beautifully.

Thank you.

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