This Is Why You Hate Me
Dave Pell

Six states accounted for 59% of unauthorized immigrants in 2014.” Those states are: California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and Texas. Four blue states, one that’s split (though counties with more immigrants went blue), and Texas which is reliably red.”

If Trump had run as a Democrat in the First four states he would have won by a larger majority than Hillary. RE: Anthony Weiner. Immigration was not the issue in those states.

My disconnect with the media image of Trump was the evil things he espoused (Supposedly) never showed up in the many work projects he developed. How many bosses don’t have disgruntled workers? If he was half as evil as portrayed, we should have a thousand law suits from aggrieved employees.

We don’t even have a maid that was mistreated.

Maybe it is all true. I have no way to learn the truth. If it is true we have some very lazy journalist who would rather preach than do the necessary field work.

I do not hate you Dave. You are very well read and I can appreciate your insight. I do not understand your hatred of Trump.

I quit reading political posturing almost a year ago. When it became apparent that the “BEST” we had was Trump vs Hillary.

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