How to avoid facebook account deactivation?

In this techno era none can escape from facebook.Older to younger everyone is busy on facebook.Now we are talking about why facebook blocked our accounts and what is suspicious activity.
What to do and what not to do ?
There are many questions in our mind about this.
So the solution is much simpler.Only remember some points that avoid your account from blocking or permanent deactivation.
Here are some points-
1.Always try to fill your genuine info : don’t copy any type of profile info from others.
2.Don’t use location changer : This also causes your account deactivation.
3.Don’t use fake profile picture : Always use your profile pic or your company logo if you uses a company account.
4.Don’t share anything very quickly : Make some time interval between sharing your post.
5.Don’t post same things at same time in many groups or pages : There will be also a time gap between your posts.Don’t post same thing in too many groups.
6.Avoid porn content or any violent post: Posts with porn content or having any violent content may cause your account deactivation.
7:Don’t send friend requests to unknown : If you send them request and they marked you as spam this also can cause your account blocked.
8.Excessive sharing : Avoid too much sharing your post though there is no fix rules of sharing in facebook guidelines but you should avoid too much sharing.

By following these steps during your facebook using you can easily avoid your account deactivation.