The dream is still young!

Dreams. What are they? 
I am not talking about the ones we see before waking up from a deep sleep. It's something different. It's something which every bone of yours, each piece of flesh you got, each drop of blood you got, every thought of yours ask for from this very undescribed life.
Whenever I walk alone with those magnets in my ears I think about all the plossibilities this dutiful life expects from you. I am not a soldier that I am supposed to fight but still I feel like I fight. I should fight but for what? 
This feeling I get to keep on moving grow stronger as more and more limestone passes by. To conquer what is left behind, to complete an unstated task I was chosen for. My life maybe is only an instant of time and would soon fade away but what takes it to become the master of time. To see what others could never see and travel on the path less travelled by. Yes! I am scared of that. My mind stops me from making any mistake in my path so I like to go where everyone goes then why there's still a stiffness in my legs which stops me. 
I did not understand at first but now I think I know what's the meaning of all this. 
A man sitting on his death chair would never think about the things he has done in life but he would think about the things he couldn't do! 
I guess that's the essence of life. That's how you learn how to live, making mistakes and falling back doesn't always mean you going backward, not while you are living on this beautiful planet which is nothing but a dust cloud in our infinite universe. 
Dreams! They make you go forward, they make you believe in yourself so that when the time comes you do not make a mistake of someone's footsteps but make mistakes of your own. 
What is the meaning of my life?
That's another question to answer!

I was never told why? Why we are born to this planet and not some place else. Why we think about our existence when we can't even answer that. Why people talk about God when I have no memory of it. And why would he give us the power to think in this direction if there is no answer. If there's any God I think it want us to answer some of its own questions. Maybe he made us for the only purpose. Or maybe we are just a tiny part of what you call God. If something like this exist then I believe we won't be able to find God until we are all stand one, think as one, and act as one. How can something like this be possible in a world where everyone should follow their own dreams. It's such a contradiction to my own thoughts. Maybe it's another conspiracy of my mind. It's stopping me!! Yes it stops me whenever I go in a direction to think about all of this. This itself proves many things. 
Firstly, our thoughts can never exist in such a small place as our skull is. 
Secondly, there is some superior power controlling our thought cycle. It can only communicate with these thoughts. Sometimes I feel like I am hearing myself talking to me, guiding me through my opposite conditions.

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