Richa Verma
Jul 29 · 2 min read
  • Optimization: Know where and how to utilize these key phrases in your content for maximum exposure.
  • Content Organization: The content on your site ought to be composed in an organised manner. It is not related to SEO but is useful from the reader point of view as they can understand your write-ups easily.
  • Content Promotion: You can increase visibility for new content by sharing it on various social media platforms and other reputation article publishing sites in order to generate more backlinks for your website.
  • Articles — It includes a news story or other piece of writing. This is the principle content you’ll find on most magazine-style sites.
  • Guides — A guide is also a part of the content that tells in detail how to accomplish something. It can be broken up into numerous web pages. You can post a full guide on your site, or you can post a summary, leading readers to the complete guide.
  • Videos — Depending upon what site or business you run, it can be an incredible method to pull in more people. Consider making video instructional exercises on how to utilize your items. Or on the other hand, illustrate a process related to your business.
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