I’m a failure
annalea crowe

Dear annalea crowe,

Thank you for your courage to share your journey in life.

Definitely blessed by your openess and the fact that despite how bad the situation gets — you pushed and forged ahead!

Here’s our story.

We were 6 months in pregnant with our daughter and she was diagnosed with multiple congenital heart disorders.

All our cardiac pediatrician said was, “Her life is at risk, if not, then her general, or mental development”.

We weren’t prepared for the next sentence, “you know, its still legal if you want to let her go”.

At this point, our eyes had pearls of tears. It was too hard to hold it in, soon it flowed on our cheeks.

All we could reply was, “we understand, but we will carry on”.

I still don’t know why we made such an illogical decision. Maybe it was our pastor who counselled us at the hospital canteen, perhaps we just believed that a God who gives has the only right to take away.

We aren’t entirely sure.

Whatever it was, we loved our unborn daughter and we celebrate life, no matter what.

Its been 2 years, 3 months since.

Our daughter is growing healthily.

She’s a real active girl who is so chatty, it a challenge to get her to bed early.

“Papa sleeps here, Mommy sleeps here”, she says.

Through persistence, relentless optimism and support from our loved ones — our adversity turns to an encouragement for anyone who will listen!

In reality, failure isn’t just pre-requisite to success.

Its “the bend before the victory lap”!

Be Blessed — Always!