‘Giving up’ is never an option
Pranav B

Hey Pranav Balakrishnan,

Love the sincerity in your historical reveal.

I noticed you are energized by good (Tesla) reads, music, travel and last but the best of all — foods!

When I read this piece, it brought my memories back to the times when I was a student as well.

If I may be transparent, I have an irrational fear of taking on exams. Most dominant are those which I had a 50/50 interest in.

It goes without a doubt, that the danger for anyone pushing a worthwhile education or a specific mastery could fall into this danger at some point.

Being lukewarm, even to the point of indecisiveness in pursuit of any destination, kills the body, soul and mind.

Let me elaborate on why.

I loved English and Maths, I hated History, I kinda liked Physics.

Got real good grades for English and Maths. I could discipline to study and answered everything like I needed all the time, not because I couldn’t. But I “Loved It So Much”.

I was in the “zone” the “flow”. My hands couldn’t write faster than my brain, darn it!

History (sorry to my teacher who made us copy the texts on the board during those days, this is a big reveal), it got easy.

So easy in fact — I just did little to no attention to it. Btw, I still got a credible grade cause I crammed “brain dead” memorization techniques the few nights before those tests.

Purely, upload, download and dump!

Back to our trail.

Psychics made me sit on the fence. It was related to my two loved subjects. However, it wasn’t entirely what I loved.

So, E = mc² was the best I got to this date.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. — Albert Einstein

Its scientific, see I was spending countless hours glazing over the texts and concepts — then found my mind hover between a state of DayDream or Idly-Stoned.

It was unproductive.

Professionally trained as an engineer, I overlooked ONE fact.

Our brains make decisions better with two distinct logic ‘1’ and ‘0’ (s).


If anyone of us is to pursue success in any aspect, focus on the end destination.

Associate that to the steps needed to get there. Decide to love it or hate it.

Execute. Evaluate. Decide. Execute.