Given the space, time, and funds it takes to pursue art, sometimes it feels impossible, especially alongside a demanding job. An issue I’ve had is biting off more than I can chew project-wise. I plan to paint a 5x4 foot canvas when I have 3 hours of time, which is unreasonable. I start it, get disappointed, and never finish. Schedule bite-size projects that you can actually finish in the free time you have. Here are some ideas, broken down by budget:

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  • Stickers: if you have a printer at work, you can design stuff in PowerPoint, Google Draw, or any number of free drawing applications and print them. …

I think people stopped doing gestures after like 1950. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for casual hangouts, but we need more randoms acts of courting (and romantic dinners are played out/expensive). I’m making this article universal as opposed to NYC-specific — that’s an endless rabbit hole. If you can’t find things to do in NYC with your girl, you don’t deserve a girl tbh. I targeted this at straight men, but people of all genders should probably do sweet things for their partners. …

Every mother, auntie, and grandma has a giant purse with everything you could ever need inside. Being a mother/auntie/grandma forces you to think 10 steps ahead. So, as millennial women with no kids, why not think 20 steps ahead? Preparedness makes you feel calm and in control. Here are items I carry in every bag (not including phone, wallet, and keys — definitely always have those):

  1. Hand sanitizer: Life is gross and phones are grosser; clean your damn hands before you eat. This is a great preventative measure so you’re not pounding Emergen-C’s during cold szn.
  2. Hot sauce: Beyonce, Every Brown Woman Ever, and even Hillary Clinton have been doing this for ages. I learned it from my mom, and it has served me well in a nation adamant to serve food seasoned only with salt and butter. And yes, the relationship between women who carry hot sauce in their bags and being super successful is causation, not correlation. …

Ghost [verb, used with object]: to suddenly stop responding to someone’s texts/calls and completely ignore them without explanation (generally a ghost is someone with whom you had romantic relationship).

Haunt [verb, used with object]: to ghost someone, but continue to watch their Snapchat/IG stories and follow them on various social media. Also a great Beyonce track.

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When I got ghosted by someone I cared about, it sucked so much! I felt like my heart got drop-kicked into the dirt as if I wasn’t shit (ironic because I am The Shit!!!). Deeply disrespected and humiliated after giving my raw self to this person, my mind ran into a slippery slope of self-doubt and sadness. Did I do something? Are they with someone else? Are they okay? Is there something wrong with me? I thought we were cool, but I guess not? Should I move on? Should I not? Am I not even worth a two second text back? …

I graduated a year ago. I felt sad proud anxious weird watching my younger friends graduate this June (congrats!). I feel like I achieved so much less in this year than I did each year of college, a feeling brooding since I wrote my post-grad piece. For anyone who just graduated and wants to know what the next year might look like, or for anyone my year who, like me, is reflecting on this past year, this might be for you. Perhaps this is just a cathartic exercise to track my own progress. I heard every year of your life goes by faster because it’s a smaller percentage of your whole life. Mathematically, that makes sense, I guess. …

  1. Why did it take me like 2 years to figure out how to add captions to photos on my mobile device.

2. Every time I try to take a snap, I accidentally click on memories. Speaking of memories, it takes like 5 whole minutes to save a photo to camera roll from memories. Why would I want to store photos in Snapchat when I can access my camera roll from there too? Makes no sense.


4. Why doesn’t IG have filters like the Snapchat flower crowns etc. We’re all out here saving Snap photos just to upload them into IG. …

I smell coolness in the air, and the leaves are losing their green. New York Fashion Week attendees throw shade beneath designer shades. Garish pumpkin and cornucopia displays suffocate previously elegant storefronts: it’s fall 2016.

Unfortunately for me, New England autumn gives me a feeling of impending doom of the upcoming school year. A new school year comes with terrifying side-effects: harder classes; post-summertime sadness leaving family and internship friends; nervousness that there is one less year in this warm educational womb called Wellesley.

I graduated in May, but my biological rhythm is still stuck in fall semester uncertainty this September. While crisp air and colorful Central Park trees charm most New Yorkers’ hearts, they leave a pit in my stomach as I head to work. …


Tara Gupta

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