Trying to Make Some Sense of Jayme Closs Abduction

Vern Lovic
Oct 27, 2018 · 6 min read

Maybe like you, I’ve been traumatized by the Jayme Closs abduction in Barron, Wisconsin that happened almost two weeks ago.

Jayme (13) was abducted by someone with a gun, possible two or more people, around 1 a.m., after both of her parents (James and Denise) had been shot dead in their home. There are many questions about the incident that law enforcement are working on — but I have questions of my own. I’m just trying to make some sense of this in my own head because there are so many unknowns. I guess I’d like to put down in writing what is known and isn’t. I hope you use this as a forum (in the comments) to come to grips with the crime as well.

Basics of What is Known

Around 12:35 a.m., neighbors of the Closs’ heard two gunshots. The man stated to his wife that the shots were fired from a ‘big gun’.

Just before 1 a.m., a 911 call was made from Jayme Closs’ mother’s cell phone. The police heard ‘yelling’ but couldn’t make out anything except “help”.

The 911 operator dialed the phone number to the Closs home multiple times and received no answer.

Within 4 minutes from the end of the 911 call, police arrived at the house.

James Closs opened the door or met police at the door. He passed away shortly afterward. Police have never said James gave them any information before he died.

It was ‘hours’ after police arrived that they realized Jayme Closs was missing.

The Closs vehicle(s) were still in the driveway. Police don’t believe anything was stolen.

After a couple of days, police said there are two vehicles of interest that were near the Closs house at that hour of the night. A red or orange colored Dodge Charger, and a black Ford Escape or Acura MDX. Apparently, video footage of these vehicles exist. There was no mention of license plate numbers.

Law enforcement has stated to some members of the press that they believe (know) that Jayme is still alive.


Mental Health Escapee?

On a podcast here, a former investigative journalist from America’s Most Wanted said that a male escapee from a mental health facility was spotted ‘hanging around’ a gas station in town just hours prior to this event. He was spotted together with another male. It is possible the two vehicles are owned by these guys.

There has been no mention of this from police or FBI. They certainly would have checked this out by now. Are they following a suspect or suspects? They must know at least one person’s name in that case, they must know where his family is and many other things about the person’s life.


Police say nothing was stolen. Were ATM cards taken? Crypto account numbers and keys were taken? That would be hard for police to find out about.

Jayme’s Real Father Involved?

There were a few comments on the Facebook group about the possibility that Jayme’s real father is not James. The Closs family attended a family event where extended family came together just days before. Was there some problem such that Jayme’s real father decided to come and get Jayme back?

The front door was ‘kicked in’. To me, that suggests someone wanted to show his own personal power over the family. Someone with strong emotions about what he was doing would kick down a door.

Denise or James had a Clandestine Relationship?

Was one of them involved in a relationship with another person? Maybe the husband or wife found out about it?

Denise or James Owed Money to Someone?

Someone could have owed a large debt. Could it be due to drugs? Apparently, crystal meth is a major problem in the area.

Could one or both parents have been involved in something with drugs?

30+ Registered Sex Offenders within 3 Miles of the Closs Residence

At the podcast mentioned above, they told of a search they did online that revealed 32 sex offenders registered in this area.

Did one of them abduct Jayme?

Sex Trafficking?

Though the usual method of finding children to traffic doesn’t involve rolling up to someone’s house and shooting people until you find the child to abduct, it’s possible.

Did someone see Jayme online or in the community and decide she’d be the perfect victim?

Jayme had a Boyfriend that Abducted Her?

Seems like a bizarre stretch to think a boyfriend would kill her parents before abducting her.

Jayme was Abducted by a Guy she Knew Online

It would make more sense if Jayme was chatting with someone who gained her trust, and who found out where she lived. Possibly an older guy who claimed to be around her age. This happens constantly all over the world. Still, I think it doesn’t make much sense for a guy like this to show up at her house at just after midnight to kill her parents to abduct her.

Problems & Questions

Police Bungled it from the Start

It took something like 3 hours for police to realize a girl was missing. What the actual fuck? Did they not search the house FIRST THING and see a child’s bedroom and wonder — hmm, where did this kid go? Did they suspect the child did it with the door kicked in? Were they so cautious to avoid disturbing the scene that someone in charge prohibited a walk-through of the house for 3 hours? Didn’t neighbors come out of their houses to find out — WHAT HAPPENED TO JAYME? This is profoundly confounding.

Why Were the Criminals Inside the House for 20+ Minutes?

The criminal(s) entered the house by kicking the door down and shot both of Jayme’s parents. They then remained in the house for over 20 minutes. Doing WHAT? If nothing was taken, what were they doing? Did it take them 20 minutes to find Jayme? Was she hiding that well? Were they after some information from James or Denise and were trying to get that out of them?

Crypto accounts make some sense, it would take a while to be able to give that information up if the codes were hidden around the house.

Otherwise, why were they there for THAT LONG — after shooting two people?

There were neighbors close by. Didn’t the criminals want to get in and get out as soon as possible after firing the gun and alerting people for 100 yards around that there was something going on? Did they torture James and Denise after shooting them? Nothing was mentioned like this by police.

Seems like the crime was either personal, or committed by a mentally unstable person or persons.

Wooden Chair with Ropes Attached Removed from House

I think it was CNN video footage that showed a strong wooden chair being removed from the house by forensics experts. The chair had a strong rope tied (but cut) suggesting someone was tied up there at some point. There has never been a mention of this by police.

HOW Do Police/FBI KNOW Jayme is Alive?

They’ve repeatedly said it. They know she’s alive. Maybe some more information should be brought public so we can find her before they decide to kill her too.

In the podcast, someone in law enforcement close to the investigation told RadarOnline (com) that they were following a digital footprint and that they were 100% sure Jayme was still alive.

Why Did Aunts make Plea Directly TO Jayme, and not her Abductor(s)?

A couple aunts in the family made a TV appearance and to me, it was quite odd. They spoke directly to Jayme, asking her to return to her family. They brought her dog and favorite ‘iced coffee’ and reminded her that they were looking forward to a girls day out shopping like they had promised. There was no plea to the abductor at all. It was almost as if they thought the power to return was in Jayme’s hands. Or, they didn’t want to anger the abductor more by pleading directly — which is possibly what he/they want? Very odd.

What Do You Think? Is there anything I’m missing? Is there some other possibility for this crime? Do you have any answers or guesses?

Author/writer of fiction and non-fiction works.

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