One of the things that I work on at Mollie is maintaining the Mollie payment gateway for Spree Commerce. If you’re interested in reading about the technical challenges that I faced during its development, you can read the blog post that I wrote about a year ago.

Illustration by Sven Franzen.

Although I’m not working on the Spree Commerce gateway on a daily basis, we receive pull requests every now and then. Since stability is of the essence when dealing with payments, we need to make sure all of our code changes are properly tested. …

We built a small bot that allows us to open the door at our office via Slack.

With a constantly growing merchant base (we’re currently serving over 58k+ merchants) comes an increasing number of employees. When we reached 80 employees back in April, we moved a few of our teams to a new office space just in front of our main office. We called it Mollie Studios.

Illustration by Sven Franzen.

Instead of the traditional doorbell systems, our landlord installed one that works using a SIM card. Every time a visitor rings the bell, a call is made to a cellphone that’s laying around somewhere in the office. We can then answer the phone, and press “3” on the phone keyboard…

Challenges in building the most advanced payment gateway for Spree Commerce.

We just shipped the official Mollie payment gateway for Spree Commerce, the most popular Ruby on Rails e-commerce framework. We think this is the most advanced payment gateway available for Spree. Mollie as a company mostly works in PHP and JavaScript, but for this project, I submerged myself in Ruby on Rails and was pleasantly surprised. In this story, I’ll explain why and how we built this gateway. I'll also talk about some technical challenges I tackled during the development process. And, as it turns out: Ruby on Rails is a great framework.

Illustration by Sven Franzen.

Mollie is a tech-driven, European payment processor…

How we built an Electron app that got 500.000+ downloads.

Back in February, we shipped Caption; the easiest way to find and download subtitles on your Mac. On release, Caption garnered quite some attention and got featured on Product Hunt, Github, Designer News, Reddit and The Next Web. A lot has happened since then. Caption has been downloaded over 175.000 times and every weekend about 9.000 people all over the world use it to download subtitles. We’ve also been able to gather a lot of feedback from our users. As it turns out, most requests were about adding support for Windows and Linux.

Well… we’ve listened to our users. Several…

Vernon de Goede

Engineering Lead @MolliePayments

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