How to Get Plugged Into Your Startup Community

I’m frequently asked the question of how to get plugged into the startup community.

Often times it’s coming from someone who either wants to change industries or someone who is yearning to branch out and try something new.

Bart Lorang, CEO of Denver-based FullContact, wrote a post on this topic that is very worth reading. In it, he coined the phrase “doerocracy.”

The startup community is a doerocracy. There is no application process or admissions department that approves members. It all comes down to just doing stuff. To being proactive.

If you want to get plugged in, go do stuff in the startup community. Get involved.

That could be attending events. Or it could be volunteering at events and helping organize them. Or it could be starting a new event or tradition in the community.

It could be subscribing to email newsletters like Startup Digest. Or it could be doing some of your own writing on a blog, Medium, or contributing to an existing publication.

There’s no one single path to getting plugged into the startup community. But most of the paths involve being proactive and doing stuff. They involve putting yourself out there and meeting people. Taking risks. Being in uncomfortable situations where you might not know anyone at first.

If you really want to get plugged into the startup community (where ever you live), go do stuff. Don’t wait for permission from anyone to get started… because you’ll be waiting a long time.

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