Feelings, nothing more than feelings

People on both ends of the political spectrum are bemoaning about their feelings. There are those who feel the country isn’t how it used to be (or how they wish it used to be.) Others feel their revolution was THE one they feel slighted that the very system they have been railing against all primary season could somehow rig/steal their moment.

One side feels so fearful and/or angry they would support and vote for a dictator in waiting. Someone who has shown time and time again for decades and at every debate and press conference that he’s only about himself and is using them to gain the power he desires.

The other side feels cheated they didn’t get their candidate. They felt so enthusiastic that they now don’t know what to do with those feelings now that they don’t have their candidate. They feel so much gloom and disbelief they would sabotage the only party that cares about them, would and has adopted some of the very issues they say the care about and is the only the party that has the legitimate chance of implementing said changes.

We all have feelings but deciding on who and how to lead the nation and world shouldn’t be ruled by feelings. Feelings change from day to day based upon the external factors that we are currently in.

Today people on all sides can feel some reservations about terrorism and want to hear ways to protect citizens from the next attack. Tomorrow they may see a cop abuse or kill another unarmed citizen and want to speak about police reform. The day after they may be reminded that the school year is about to begin again and focus on tuition costs and student debt.

For myself and people I talk to, those citizens who to try to make political decisions based on common sense and reason we are the most frustrated right now. We see knee jerk after knee jerk reaction to individual news reports and how people over correct the direction they want to focus on. We feel frustrated knowing no amount of facts and logic seems to sway minds and what should be a no brainier election in Nov is one that has everyone feeling worried.

For those who are trying to move forward and to borrow a phrase feel we are stronger together here I am, I’m stuck in the middle with you.