Why I Support Marco Rubio.
Meaghan O'Brien

I don’t see anything that you have written that makes a strong case for Sen. Marco Rubio.

First you said that he can win. Well in all actuality anyone running “CAN” win. He’s currently hovering around fourth in most GOP polls. I see him pop up from time to time on Sunday talk shows but I very rarely hear his name during the week unless it’s mentioning poll numbers. Now I’m the first to admit that we are months out from the first primary vote. I’d like to hope that the GOP wouldn’t nominate Trump or Carson but it’s where we are currently, so it’s worth noting.

Next you mention that he “scares” the Democratic Party. I’ve seen this statement before quite a bit. Statements about being champion for the middle class and his foreign policies have some merit depending on how one spins his record but you don’t put forth even one example.

You end with he has conservative values. That, for many, is a main reason why he shouldn’t be president. For most as soon as they see that, they envision the worst that comes from “that side of the aisle”. By saying he has strong history of voting the purest conservative values would make people completely against him out. I’d suggest maybe one example that would possibly speak to a majority of voters.

It is nice to see those under 25 caring about the political process. However I don’t see anything remarkable that would cause Sen. Rubio to retweet this.