Well, who are you going to call?

Ever since the Ghostbusters reboot was announced there’s been contention. There are those who applauded or lamented the all female cast, those who make the clams that it’s somehow ruining their childhood/ favorite movie, and those who are tired of studios being unimaginative and cashing in on nostalgia. I’m firmly in camp “Be original”

As of this writing, there is no connection to the previous films in any way. NYC has never seen a giant marshmallow man. That’s fine, attempting to fight ghosts in New York City isn’t an exclusive thing. There is a problem with taking the name, logo and theme song basic premise etc.

If this had none of the iconic tropes of the the other film, I would have zero issue with it. The issue is when I see the firehouse, the uniforms and so many other call backs, yet say it has nothing to do with with the other film.

The movie exists and it will be released. People will pay to see it and it will make back it’s money and it will not flop. Misogynist and fanboys will cry because of their stupid myopic reasons. I’ll end up seeing it either in theaters, as a rental or on cable. I just wish it didn’t exist in the first place because some other original idea was passed over for it.

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