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Seems as though your article does a great deal of generalizing. The lead in with the meeting of Roosh and Laurie, was a compelling start to an article. However, you’ve taken the most extreme member of a group and applied her idealogies to all people who consider themselves feminists (or feminism overall). I am a feminist, but who cares so much about the label or the movement, mainly at the base of things, I want people to be good to each other, to grow their understanding through relationships. That’s how people become better people, and our society becomes better. I would like to point out though, that there are many feminists like me who want a more level-playing field for women/girls, and who want freedom from abuse, wage equality, etc. Those things are ALL positive in their nature. Using psychology, taking advantage of insecurity, manipulation, etc. are all negative in nature especially when they come at the expense of someone just for one’s onw indulgences and desires. So comparing Feminism with the PUA community is a fail on your part. It’s also reckless. If Laurie is purely man-hating just for the sake of hating men (which I doubt anyone could prove, because we are all complex beings and our actions can not be reduced to 100% absolutes) I can see how you want to compare the motives of the two (feminism/PUA), but they do not compare. Nevertheless, your article can lead to some compelling discussion. Hopefully it does and people learn good things about one another.