Booting Linux OS from Flashdrive instead of SD/MicroSD — Raspberry Pi

  1. First burn/write the Linux OS Image onto the sd/microSD (Ex. Raspbian) and onto one of your Flash Drives (Ex.Pendrive) aswell.
  2. After the burning/writing process go to your sd/microSD card Directory and look for the file “cmdline.txt” and open it with your text editor. (in microSD/SD)

3. Look for the line “root=/dev/mmcblk0p2” and change it to -> “root=/dev/sda2”. Changing the line to -> “root=/dev/sda2” will now make your SD/microSD to act as Key to command your Raspberry Pi to boot from USB ports (sda2) every time you Power up the board.

4. Insert your SD/microSD to your Raspberry Pi and plug in your Flashdrive to one of the Rasp’s USB ports. Power up the device and it will now boot from the Flash Drive. :)


@Other Linux OS can also be used. Just burn/write the image onto one of your pendrives and you’re good to go.

@External Hard drives can also be used instead of Pendrives

@Performance may vary to different Flash Drives (Pendrives/Ext.harddrives)

Recommended FlashDrives for better Performance :

@USB ver. 3.0

@More than 8 gb Storage Space

@if possible use a Ext. hard drive