Joy went through my body as I read my results. I had finally tested negative for COVID-19 just two days before my graduation from college. It was finally starting to feel like things were getting better.

A month in isolation was difficult in and of itself. My experience with the virus was very mild yet the anxiety of having it kept me awake every night. Doctors couldn’t give me clear answers; the news wasn’t any help either. I had begun to feel lost. It did not help that I still had to complete a full semester of college.

After four…

Almost a year has passed since the Momo challenge made its way around the internet, yet not much has changed. New hoaxes spread as truth everyday, despite the substantial amount of evidence against proving them incorrect. In this essay, I investigate the rise behind such internet hoaxes as well as the reasons why, in such a media-connected society, they are taken to be veracious accounts.

When Hannah Arendt was writing Truth and Politics,” it is safe to say that she did not have internet conspiracies in mind. Arendt was focused on discovering the innate connection between the media and society…

Yes, Anna Paquin only had 7 lines in The Irishman but she was far from “pointless” and “underused.” By focusing solely on the amount of lines she had, the fundamental meaning behind her role, and the film itself, is lost.

Peggy Sheeran (Anna Paquin) is the moral center of the film. She is the conscious that Frank leaves behind and ignores as he makes a name for himself as a hitman for the Italian mob.

After Frank kills Hoffa, he and Russell Bufalino drive up to Bill Bufalino’s wedding where in a slow and haunting scene, a blue-tux clad Bill…

In 1974, a young woman named Carole Ann Boone met Ted Bundy at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington. She instantly became infatuated with him, a fondness that would last up to a few years before the killer’s death in 1989. However, she wasn’t the first nor the last to develop a love for The Campus Killer.

Last week saw the rise of “Tednation” on twitter, a collective of young women that have proclaimed themselves as “stans” of the infamous killer. Stanning, the name originating from the popular Eminem song, involves the obsessive idolization of a famous figure…


New York University Class of 2020

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