Considering China? The Time is Now. But You Need a Strategy.

Why now? China will be the world’s largest economy within the next decade; it has nearly as many unicorns as the U.S. Entrepreneurs can no longer ignore China and need to plan now.

Digital Reset: How China’s digital economy is fueling change and becoming an essential destination for startups is the first installment in a series of three whitepapers focused on helping entrepreneurs and investors better understand China’s markets, industries, players and economic transformations that are signaling a wakeup call to tech startups and other global players.

In our three white papers, Hone Capital probes the strengths of the digital economy and unique market characteristics of China, making the case that it is increasingly imperative for startups to develop a holistic China perspective early on, rather than wait. In select cases early engagement may help to accelerate startups’ initial growth and traction.

Our second white paper will explore fundamental drivers of the Chinese market that are distinctly different from the West, given its State Owned Capitalism model and quickly evolving consumer market. These drivers present unique challenges but also tremendous opportunities for startups who navigate them successfully.

China will be the Largest Economy in the World in the Next Decade

Our third white paper examines how startups can ready themselves to ride the next wave of opportunities in the world’s largest digital marketplace when it comes to product strategy, talent, partnership and other resources — brought to life by real world case studies.

We hope you sign up for all three installments of the series and join the conversation about culture and economics that will surely last a business lifetime or two. White papers two and three will be posted in the coming weeks.