Back in June of 2010, Tony Conrad stopped by my office to show me a first look at a new product he was working on. As we sat in the tiny conference room overlooking San Francisco Bay, he took out his computer and walked me through an early version of

I was immediately excited by the idea — to have a single landing page that directed people to all the various fragments of my identity across the Internet, from my Twitter feed to my (occasionally updated) blog, the pages of my corporate clients, and all the myriad social networking sites in-between.

Tony, knowing a thing or two about how to impress me, led off with, “I even saved you!”

To which I responded, “Can I have /veronica instead?”

From that day forward, I’ve been a supporter, advisor, and evangelist — which is why I’m especially happy to announce that I’m joining the board of directors for

It’s notable (for me, at least) that this is the first board of directors I’ve been a part of. Somehow it makes perfect sense, since has had such an impact on my own visibility online and has helped to create many other wonderful opportunities for me, both personally and professionally. In the future, I hope that our continuing campus outreach and work with #CampusFaves will inspire and empower young adults to take control of their own “brands” and feel good about their public personas online.

In addition to the other amazing startups I mentor and advise, I’m extremely excited to contribute to the promising future and direction of and to continue to lend my expertise in the world of personal branding and social media.

This Friday, October 23 at 3:00PM PT/6:00 PM ET I’ll be participating in a Q&A for #aboutmeLIVE! We’ll be talking about everything from my new role with to my great love of science fiction and fantasy (and a lot of other things in-between!). You can RSVP for the Google Hangout here.

Read the announcement on the blog!