Soylent Makes Me Sick (and I Haven’t Even Tried It)
Mike Elgan

This article really rubs me the wrong way (my initial reaction was “Who are you to tell me what to eat?!”).

Fine, I take your point with Soylent (which I actually enjoyed, until I started learning about their supply-chain issues), but lab-grown meat, the Impossible Burger, and other innovations in that space that aren’t just there for lazy people who refuse to shop at the farmer’s market or local butcher shop: they are going to be absolutely essential for weaning the world off of factory farmed meat.

We are already straining our resources as it is, supplying the world with our ever-growing need for animal-based proteins. If we can create a plant-based alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the taste and experience of eating a hamburger, why would we not want that? If we can convince the carnivores of the world that once in awhile they can cut back on the red meat without losing the taste and experience they love? Sure, we can extol the virtues of a CSA-fueled existence, but I don’t see anything wrong with easing the path for people who want a burger… not a beet and quinoa patty.


A Soylent-drinking vegetarian who loves the taste of meat but prefers not to eat it and subscribes to a bi-monthly local farm box

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