Yes, I’m Such a Lazy Person

“Dii, why do you like to workout so much?”

This ain’t the first time I got this exact same question. For those eyes observing me from the outside, my daily feeds on the social media, especially on Instagram, revolves around my daily workout situations. Post about my running photos, my Nike+ Run Club app timing record, me and my boxing instructor, etc.
Thus, sometimes people think I do sport for a living (oh how I wish I could, but unfortunately, no LOL).

Truth is, I’m such a lazy ass.

Yep, I know that doesn’t sound right. But indeed, I am. It is so damn hard for me to start doing a new habit (let alone sticking to it), and that’s why I do not stop, not even get a break, once I’ve started. I’m too afraid that once I stop, it’s gonna be so hard for me to get back in training.
Some said it takes 21 days to create a habit out of something new. For me, it takes a lot of will and effort to create a habit, even before I reach that 21 days mark. And once I’ve reach the 21 days mark, one single day of absent and I can easily say goodbye to the routine HAHAHA.

I run 3 to 4 times a week, and on the days that I’m not running, you’ll find me doing cross training, usually swimming, boxing, or doing TRX. There is not a day when I am not working out (except when it’s raining, or getting sick), and somehow, I’m proud of myself for being such a restless maniac who can’t sit still, LOL.

Credit: NIKE Indonesia

I’m happy when I come home feeling super tired and worn-out.
I’m happy when I wake up the morning after feeling super sore, because of the exhausting session or run the night or the day before.
I’m happy with the endless pile of Nike laundry waiting to be hand-washed everyday (yes, I hand-washed all my workout clothes, everyday, yes).

And most of all I’m happy knowing very little of my everyday hours spent unproductive.

Because being sore and tired reminds me that I have spent a lot of time doing something better for myself, something I don’t usually do, pushing limits and all that. It reminds me how great it is to feel good after putting myself to good use. And that makes me feel better. Makes me feel useful.

And being useful is what I wanna do for the rest of my life. Because we’ve given the machine that we are as a complimentary. And now it’s our turn to create one hell of a living machine of what we’ve got.

I see it as a form of being grateful.
How about you?

Credit: Rushrunners