Wellness and self-care aren’t just cool and trendy social media posts but a necessity to our overall mental and physical health (especially during a global pandemic.)

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Navigating the world during the age of COVID-19 is odd, to say the least. All days feel exactly the same; we have inevitably lost track of time as we forget the feeling between a cheerful Friday or a dreaded Monday. Before the pandemic started, most of our lives had structure, a routine we would follow automatically every single day. We felt productive as we completed tasks in our jobs or personal lives, running errands, completing reports, finishing homework, or even making a phone call. But our reality now is far different from the one we had two months ago.


Thinking about taking a year off after college? Great! Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn.

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Life has a very special rhythm to it. You attend school for a couple of years, decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, get married, have kids, work until you can’t anymore, and then die (sure, not everyone’s experience will have this direction, but you get the idea). I always thought I was ready to enter the flow millions live in every day. Heck, I was even excited. To graduate college and start working on what I wanted until my body was tired from it, but life had different plans for me.

You see, I…

Andrés Manuel López Obrador entered the presidency with the promise to end political corruption as well as economic and social injustice in Mexico. But is he really different from those who came before him?

Mexico’s position in the international community has always been a peculiar one. Its economy is stable enough to be considered part of the G20 group. But, the nation’s high dependence on economic treaties with the United States, foreign tourism, and the oil industry makes it susceptible to downturns. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the disputes between Saudi Arabi and Russia over oil prices have become the perfect combination to bring Mexico’s GDP down. The president’s highly dependent populist strategies have not helped either, as the International Monetary Fund calculates an estimated loss of 6.6% of the country’s GDP this year…

You cannot deny it; the best ideas you’ve ever had have occurred while taking a shower. But why is everyone more creative while doing this simple everyday activity?

Here’s the thing about working on anything creative; the inspiration needed to produce amazing things only comes in waves. There are times where I feel full of great thoughts or ideas, but there are also days where not an ounce of creativity and inspiration flow through my body. But when a good idea does come, it always seems as if they occur in the same place, the shower.

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When it comes to having any sort of revealing thoughts, whether that is the perfect answer to a fight you had in the past, a new ground-breaking theory, or a new creative…

Younger generations have discovered the power of a connected world, but how is our Internet use shaping modern society?

The Internet has become essential to our everyday lives; we use it everywhere and all the time. We need the Internet to communicate with others, drive, cook, and to understand the world around us. Being online has become a necessity more than a luxury when wanting to evolve in this ever-changing digital world. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2016, around 89 percent of households in America had access to computers with Internet, proving that most U.S. residents spend a significant portion of their time online¹.

Naturally, the events that have marked this point in history have…

Are social-based economies the future, or a dream waiting to become a nightmare?

Ever since the days of the “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, the world has wondered if a social-based economy would become a new way of living. Achieving a society where total equality and secured social benefits would be secured was something millions could only imagine. Throughout history, people such as Castro and Lenin established regimes where the state implemented systems and institutions that planned to give its citizens financial and social stability. They, however, ended up giving sole power to the government and the elite over what was being produced by the working class. Modern economic and…

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Figuring out how the world works one article at a time. Bilingual foreigner who loves all things politics, travel, books and marvel.

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