Seek Opportunity Instead Of Negativity Or Positivity

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While some of you contemplate whether the water is half empty or full or telling folks why the cup is always half full, there are others who have watered their potted gardens, made lemonade, washed their hands, or created a water is life ritual.

Contemplating our navels rarely gets us the work of having six pack abs.

Yes, feeling good feels good, but doesn’t doing something purposeful or meaningful feel better?

Also, if there is a problem instead of struggling with how you feel about it… why not mainly work on an interesting solution to it.

Even if there is no foreseeable solution.

As we say Walt Disney said, “It’s fun to attempt the impossible.”

Earth Sucks? Shoot for the moon, miss and you are still among the stars.

So, please don’t feel guilty about not being able to keep up with your affirmations, positive self talk, getting up at 3 AM, drinking tons of water, deep breathing, or whatever latest positivity inducing hack you’ve read.

Instead, do what works for YOU.

If putting your head down and crying will get you in your zone. DO IT NOW!

If taking one minute to think about the people who really matter in your life will get you in your zone. DO IT NOW!

If looking up from your screen and noticing the sky, the person next to you, the lines on your hands and faces will get you in your zone. DO IT NOW!

Do whatever works proudly!

And, tell me how it went.



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