Also, Ms. Biddell — you’re using the same tired baseless arguments others are using to resist…
Loren Bendele

Loren, If wanting public education to be both democratic and accountable to the public rather than a private Board of Directors is a tired old argument, then you can bet that people are keeping it Old School.

People are starting to connect the dots between the hazards of privatizing prisons, water, the military, etc., and privatizing schools. Charters are privatized schools. Simple. But feel free to google, or just watch that great John Oliver episode on charters (knowing that the scandals he discussed are just the tip of the iceberg). Your candidate supports the continued and further privatization of schools rather than investing in neighborhood public schools. That’s a problem for a lot of people.

Aligning Melvoin to Obama doesn’t make Melvoin any horrible for public education. As anyone who knows anything about education policy will tell you, Obama was terrible for education to the great disappointment of everyone on the left, by taking Bush’s ridiculous No Child Left Behind and making it even worse with Race to the Top.

“Education Reform” is one of the few issues where you will find a lot of agreement between Democrats and Republicans because there’s a lot of money to be made in these reforms. Charters are profitable to the founders and Board of Directors through New Market Tax credits, questionable real estate dealings, no bid contracts with consultants and Charter Management Organizations, and generally a total lack of transparency with tax dollars.

These are facts.