The tale of an undaunted woman

Well, how beautiful this world is for the people who believe they have everything in their life? let me tell you a story of how this beauty turns into a disaster in no time. A very fine day when it all started ,the beautiful sunrise and a morning full of excitement and enthusiasm for this idea she had in her mind-planned with her fellow companions. A reunion ofcourse, as the clock struck 3pm, she was all set to rave in this small party. Five of their group was so full of spirit ,they had all the mischief well planned in their filthy minds. (but it was nothing as the way it all turned out)They all met in this small place where they loved the taste and shimmery lightning,cooling effect of the ‘silver-fox’-it was in the menu. They started to be creative and flushed out the smoke in every possible style they knew, be it ‘the bane’ or ‘the rings’-they tried it all. Remembering the old memories and the people being missed ,they planned to have the life’s best drink ever-Whisky it was. They moved out of the place to a better one where they could have the best time of their lives with the DSLR to capture it all. They swarmed out three of them in an auto and the rest in the scooter. All met at that particular place where the disaster was just a few steps ahead. They all tasted the best drink of all times, oh! the way the alcohol got into their nerves was something to remember or regret later. High as the clouds they all rolled up with their best poses to be captured ,to later post on social media. A ton of memories were made where they could have actually stopped but but…

These two people i tell you,were on highlights, best buddies with a messed up heart -nobody to share ,no one to understand- it was beautiful to have had a moment as such but it was just the alcohol perhaps which made them go so wild for their bodies and crave for an eternal joy. They were high but decided to share another glass of whisky with each other just to break down the point of highness of the sheer amount of alcohol in their bodies. They decided to let the world leave them in their own terms ,forgot about the relationship that could break if they got into it and they ‘kissed’-swear to god! it was the most passionate kiss they could ever get along with. Their other friends stopped them ,reminded them of what they would lose if they continue with this, but had these two any concerns for others than their desires at that moment then they would have thought of stopping all the bullshit they were thinking to get along with, She kissed her female friend as well-smooched infact, declaring to be a bisexual. and and it all ended ,they got home..

But this wasn’t the end actually , the point of regret and scattering of all the beautiful memories they built started right from now on. The best friend couldn’t get over with his ultimate desire to confess his mind’s moronic thought and he went off to meet with this girl ,who wasn’t just high but was all drenched throughly with alcohol to lose self-control. He arrived and the girl took him near the parking lot of her apartment and He told her he loves her and they smooched and her nipples were sucked hard and she was drugged in the pretentious love that was in his mind.They were almost a point away from making out and her brother arrived and it all ended in an abrupt manner. He bid her Goodnight and she did the same and..

This moment after everything changed,the closeness with her brother was affected cause her brother was disappointed in her quite much. The friendship they had was all shut down with just a click away from the ‘block’ option in the right side of her profile ,very next to the ‘message’ option.

but surely she saved few lives that would have been ruined if they had made it through.

…She still regrets the evening they spent and has caged herself in her room where her words just found a way out but not her soul but She still fights every single day to prove that it was just a mistake and can be looked over if they all tried to and could bring back all she once had with all of ‘em….