How to hunt license file in Avast with the help of Avast antivirus support?

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There are numerous issues faced by the users when they are not able to hunt license file in Avast as these files will be received via email but due to some technical problem users are not able to track the file and this is very annoying to some extent by which the work of an individual is severely hampered. In case if you want deep information about How to fix Avast installation error caused by corrupt set-up files? So, whenever you face such problems then you don’t have to worry and directly land a call at Avast helpline number 1–800–392–9127 toll-free where you will get exact and to the point solutions in a very less time which is very convenient for the users so that you will not be hampered.

Express ways to hunt license file in Avast

· First of all, you have to locate the taskbar beneath the window and do the right click.

· Then, click ABOUT form the drop-down menu.

· After that, go to the licensing page if you haven’t received the license.

· Now, click the browsing key to look at the documents on PC.

· Then, see the version of your system and search the file accordingly.

· Then, go to the C drive on the left side of the panel.

· Finally, hit the windows button and then click on the temp folder.

In case, you are seeking any kind of further help regarding this then contact Avast support number.

Prompt solutions from Avast support number

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