My Online Family Of Hero’s

I can’t help but reflect on the journey I embarked on one year ago. It’s been a year almost to the date that I did a mass shedding of my entire life. It started with letting go of everything that was toxic in my life. I had to literally get rid of dozens of people. All of which were family members, food, and even my job.
When it comes to family there is a certain guilty feeling you get only when someone else in the family tells you that you have to make amends because after all the person or people you cut off are “family”. This cycle of cutting them off. an elder telling you to be the bigger person, you taking the advice and the process repeats itself. This had happened time and time again but not on the level that made me say this is it. NO MORE!
This time was different. This time I was changing. This time a shift was happening and I was coming out of a nine-year cycle. This time I was introduced to Periscope and a world of live streamers. This time I was meeting like-minded people and I was evolving as a person. I was making inward changes in my life and I started feeling better about myself. I found my purpose in life and started down the path to living my why.
What started out as a year of tremendous anger, hurt, and pain, turned out to be one of the best years of my life. One might ask how can a person cut off family and say they had the best year of their life? Well, the best way to put it is a had a great awakening. Once the focus was on inward change I started having one epiphany after the other. I realized that we had no choice in who we were biologically related to, but just because we are related we don’t have to put up with anyone who doesn’t edify us or help us to grow in a positive manner.
It was during this time that I started following this ball of energy called Jamilah Corbitt. She was just what I needed exactly when I needed it. She was so young and brave, but what captivated me was she was wise beyond her years. She wanted to change the world and the way to do it , was the way I’d already started. It all started by making an inward change. She had a vision called i am a brand. She explained the way she’d planned on reaching people all over the world through the apparel she designed and her logo of a lowercase i that deemed her a nonconformist. 
Nonconformity, I though I’m all for that. After all, I literally blocked thirty family member’s not only on social media but also my life. I also gained just as many new like-minded friends through the i am a brand online community. I have traveled to numerous states meeting and making connections with other community members. I have been stress-free. My life has been replenished with good people who genuinely uplift, love and motivate me. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Will I ever reconcile the relationship with my bio family? who knows. Right now that is not my focus. right now I am breaking out of the old mindset and embarking on a new journey to fulfill my purpose in life (my why).