That Time I Was 18 and Poor, and a Rich Guy Wanted Me To Suck His Dick and Threatened Me If I…
Heather Nann

I just recalled an incident which happened to me 2 yrs ago — and I am 76 yrs old now — I was returning to NJ from Ohio on a very late night flight and in a sparsely populated flight when a male sat down next to me. Flight took off — male’s arm appeared on arm-rest, then gradually hand started tapping, and then worked it’s way forward until milliseconds from my leg — me an old-bird ! I waited…he tapped again and move a bit closer — I stood up and let him have a verbal barage of disgust…he moved his arm back to his side and just sat there…no apology, not even a squeak of trying to say he ‘was not..etc’…maybe I had too many of those close calls as a kid, but I was NOT going to just be polite and let any pervert tap my knee or ‘give the old bird a thrill’….he was a Rabbi of some sort with ringlets...and I was not about to give him any leeway, nor was I afraid to accuse him…..just saying….I have seen so much in my life……..defend yourself girls even at the risk of looking accusatory & maybe wrong ……..maybe that ‘old bird’ next to you doesn’t want your hand ‘accidentally’ touching her knee……..

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