That Time I Was 18 and Poor, and a Rich Guy Wanted Me To Suck His Dick and Threatened Me If I Didn…
Heather Nann

The awful thing is this is so common — I remember several ‘near misses’ when I was a teenager and alone for a short time with males of various ages who tried to take advantage of the situation. I grew up in London, UK after the war, and roamed freely as we did in those days, and learned about strange behavior of males in bushes when I was quite young ! We all ran away very speedily when invited to join them ! Amazingly I did not grow up loathing males, just knew some were VERY dangerous if given a chance, and to avoid being alone with any of them ! Later I had to navigate the scary waters of trying to date young men without being raped. I managed to survive and had a normal life, but hated the fact that I had to give my daughter the ‘talk’ later on how to navigate this stuff — while also lecturing my boys on how to be decent males. Really males — you DO have a disgusting streak, time to get your values sorted out, females loathe that crazed penis-fit you seem destined to inherit. WE know what matters in life, you in many cases have no idea !!!!!

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