On dating men with “potential”

Well — I loved your descriptions of all the young wild males you dated..some reminded me of myself, some of boys I also dated…I must say my biggest problem always as a young women was the sheer boringness of most males I met….nothing interesting going on in their heads — I needed something different, exciting, inspiring and loved the ones who were slightly wicked & crazy because they were the NOT usual boring type. There is always another way to view things, I think a lot of those wild young ones went on to change enough to succeed in their lives, but maybe one or two became the hermit living on your local mountain, or the one with the art studio, but totally penniless — who says what SUCCESS is anyway ? Generally what your mother thinks is a good thing will not make you personally happy — why settle for mundane & sensible, when wild & exotic might be better, even if just for a while ?

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