I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

Well it’s always nice to have reality be what drives you. I can’t vote yet so I am not a threat to your personal belief system, but I still wonder why so many ‘ordinary little guys’ are Republicans in the first place — what on earth do you think being a Republican is all about ? — the rule of Big Corps* in order to keep themselves as the 0.0001% while everyone else just rumbles along underneath picking up the crumbs, and they have you completely fooled on your own best interests by making you believe that the dreaded ‘socialism’ bogeyman is about to take away your ‘freedoms’ — as tho you have any anyway when those same Big Corps* are ruling the roost ! When the ‘rulers’ no longer need you, you are ‘free’ to just go away & stop bothering them, and then you will expect the ‘socialist’ laws that got put in place by kinder, more caring administrations, will be there ANYWAY, to prop you up ? Or what — who would then feed you,clothe your children & pay your rent, if your belief system was in ‘purity’ mode ? Ryan thinks ‘the churches’ should do all that ?

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