I Pass on Turkey This Thanksgiving
Jen Durbent

Well Jen — the big issue here is that most of us don’t really understand what this issue is all about — in the sense that we cannot FEEL your pain. I am ‘female’, but have always felt I was 50% more male than female. I like to dress up sometimes in frilly stuff, just not all the time; and I have a distinct tendency to be very ‘male’ when a decision needs making. But is that really male ? No I don’t think it is , it is just about personality trends we all have, some more prevalent than others — the fact is we are ALL a very mixed bag of likes & dislikes, capabilities & preferences, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with being male or female. So back to my first statement — I have a feeling a lot of this male/female identity thing stems from a confusion caused by society’s push to shove people into boxes in the first place. So I need an explanation of exactly what it IS that tells you that what you are supposed to be is not the same as what you were originally defined AS — as tho that were a fixed thing EVER !!! Blessings !

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