Be Still…

The hardest part is to be still. There’s always something to do in my house. Dishes, laundry, tidying, going outside with the kids, doing homework, cleaning, calling relatives, reading, spending time with hubby. I ain’t got time to die, if you ask me.

What is to be still? Not move a muscle, staying in one place. Making no sound, closing eyes, I leave behind the distractions of this world and I run to Him in whose Presence I can breath freely. I can leave behind worry, anxiety, anger. To be still is to freeze for this world for a little. Make an exit for a little while from all the madness, the messiness, all the shouting and the toiling. Sometimes, here in the material world I feel like I am swimming under water, going somewhere, fast. From time to time I need to take a new mouthful of oxygen. Fresh air. I need fresh air, I need to be still, I need to get out of here and go there, just for a little while.

I do believe we are meant for the spiritual world. This reality is like a school in which we are trained for what is to come. But we can evade this world for a little (until the big evasion) from time to time, isn’t that wonderful?! This is being still. It is leaving gravity for a little while to float effortlessly on the shiny sea of the other world.

How could I have lived without this until now? No wonder I was starting to choke, I was about to die. Paradoxically leaving this material life behind, dying a little for this life helped me find the true Life, the great Life, The Life.

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