In the Quiet

Last night and this morning were perfect times. All were in bed and in the twilight there was quiet and stillness.

I closed my eyes and I was there. I didn’t hear anything just my thoughts and at some point I fell asleep. But just accessing Heaven was wonderful. Knowing that I can do this, fills me with peace and joy. Even though God will never speak to me and even though I may never be able to use my spiritual senses the fact that I can go where He is and just be in His presence without the noise of this world to harass me makes me happy. I was in Heaven and even now I am although I am not awakened for it.

The thought that Heaven is so near is intoxicating to me and quite scary too. I mean I cannot go about living my life sloppily and messily knowing that Heaven is so close, knowing that He is here knowing me.

But I can’t help being who I am and I know I am loved, no matter what, unconditionally.

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