The Insider

Among the twelve who answered the Call of the Beyond there was a special one.

Some words need to be told about him: He was the oldest of them all and a hothead. He always had these initiatives and always wanted to be in the driver’s seat. Once he walked a little on water and then almost drowned. The others must have had a good laugh at him. He had family which he left behind, probably he is the only one who did so. So he must have sacrificed a lot to be with this intriguing Man. He saw something in Him that was worth leaving all that behind.

The thing that was so special about him was that he was the only one let into the Secret. He, the Man, must have seen in him something that made Him take that decision, to let him become an insider.

I don’t think that most of us have what it takes to become Insiders. To be let into the Secrets of the Beyond. I mean, who would want to leave everything behind for God? Who believes He is worth it? Very few of us did.

To become an Insider

answer the Call

leave behind what you cannot take with you

follow instead of being followed

become a student rather then the teacher

humble yourself, listen, trust, believe.