Eat whole, organic and unprocessed food. Choose organic cotton that is chemical free and safe for you and the environment. Support local, sustainable products and companies. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Remember that organic living is more than just organic products, it means living truthfully, pure and whole for yourself and our environment.

Living organically didn’t need to be qualified or classified, not too long ago. There was no point in labeling it until now that is where our reason is because of the huge assault of pesticides and chemicals in our crops and food. The more we have become aware of the ways in which “natural” living has been invaded by unnatural sources (along with the implications and potential hazards involved), the more we have begun to encourage one another to come back to our roots.

Enter the term, certification and label for “organic” goods.

Organic is more than chemical-free food or cotton. It means to live truthfully, purely, and wholly in every way possible way — on and off the mat. Similarly, yoga goes beyond the physical asana practice on our mat and encompasses a mindful way of life.

How To Live The Organic Yoga Lifestyle

How To Live The Organic Yoga Lifestyle

Practicing The Organic Yoga Lifestyle

What We Eat

Organic food is good for your body. If and when possible, choose fresh organic produce and ingredients, especially local. Consider eating whole foods (i.e. not packaged) than processed foods, and try to stay away from anything sprayed by harmful pesticides whether it’s vegetables or cotton. Clean is always better, for the body and the planet.

What We Wear

Organic cotton is free of disease-causing chemicals that wind up destroying the environment and our insides. It is important to invest in clothing that feels delicious and supports not only the safe evolution of the planet but also its inhabitants.

Where And Who We Give Our Dollars

Support local, sustainable products whenever the opportunity is available. Local companies such work hard to provide the best quality made from the best materials and ingredients. This is imperative to keep our country thriving in a direction that discourages potentially corrupt organizations. Set examples for each other as to why Organic is meaningful to you by adopting a practice of quality over quantity. It is fulfilling to get to know your local farmer, supplier, retailer or barista; to know where and whom your product is coming from.

How We Live

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rejoice! In Sanskrit, ahimsa refers to a practice of non-violence. We embody this at Hyde, our company by using cotton that has not been harmed by pesticides, and in individual ways on our mat like a steadfast practice [abhyasa] and non-attachment [vairagya]. In the office, we use as many recycled or reusable materials as possible and support each other in balancing each of our unique versions of a healthy lifestyle [with plenty of organic chocolate involved].

How does organic yoga define your experience?

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