What psychiatrists want you to believe is that you see hallucinations every-time your long hair smudges across your eyes, or when the wind blows a blanket very swiftly beneath you like “What was that?” Or when you squint your eyes and you start to see the color of your eyelashes in your view of the world. We can name a variety of people’s daily experiences of which refer to people seeing the so called hallucinations. You all are wrong! They are not hallucinations, that would make you going to the psychiatrist every-time saying that lie. What this world is really composed of is light refraction. Everything reflects light, whether you like it or not. Read your physics book! It will show you how light refracts. Light refraction is not a lie. It is the truth. So next time you go to the psychiatrist, just tell them “No, I don’t see hallucinations.” And then by saying that you will be telling the truth, because you will remember “Light Refraction.” — A law that states that everything and I mean everything refracts or shines off light. When you see those little bunnies moving around and you want to try to catch them, but others don’t see it, then tell your psychiatrist “I have really bad light refraction going on in my brain and I need help.” My point that I am trying to make is that Hallucinations and Visions are NOT real.

By, Veronica Ulrich

July 5th 2016 A.D.

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