WestwingFlex — the future of work

Disruption of traditional working models — no one size fits all solutions

New hybrid working mode — individual working mode for every team

Up to 4 weeks per year of temporary work-from-anywhere

The Covid-19 pandemic has redefined the way we work and demanded high flexibility from everyone. The office teams at Westwing have proven that hybrid working modes which combine in-office work with work-from-home and remote work produce strong business results. From this experience, Westwing has decided to introduce WestwingFlex — a new and individual way of working for its team members.

Increase in work-life balance

The increase in work-life balance and new flexibility that comes with hybrid working modes have a positive impact on the teams.

“We believe that a complete return back to the office would be a step backwards in the newfound way of working, and that it is important to continue encouraging individual decisions on team flexibility and maintain or further open up the opportunities this brings for each team member. Furthermore, the possibility of some fully-remote work allows Westwing to bundle talent know-how in a decentralized way and continue to grow as a company and to achieve future targets.” said Miriam Rabung, Director HR & Organisation at Westwing.

No one-size fits all solutions

For Westwing, a flexible way of working does not mean one-size fits all. The company decided to evaluate the best working mode for every team with the special guidance by the team leads on what is most beneficial for their team members. Based on this feedback, individual work mode decisions are made for each team based on the general policy.

Combining the best of both worlds

WestwingFlex wants to combine the best of both worlds, providing team members with flexibility as well as ensuring the Westwing spirit. It has also become clear that even though a lot of work can productively be done remotely, some work is better done in person e.g. workshops and onboardings. On top of that, physical presence in the office fosters team cohesion, innovation, and cross-collaboration — cultural elements that are at the very core of our company.

“It is important for us to always look into innovative approaches that align with our strategy. A future relevant and structured guideline for an adapted post-pandemic working world is therefore essential for us. We do not believe in general guidelines but in the individual management and the needs of every team. Today we externalise our new policy WestwingFlex to welcome the future of work.”, said Stefan Smalla, Founder & CEO at Westwing.

Westwing introduces a differentiated guideline for a post-pandemic working mode. It generally proposes to go forward (at least until the end of 2022) with an office-centric working mode with typically 3 days per week in the office and where applicable to be able to work from home on the remaining 2 days per week. In addition, Westwing will offer up to 4 weeks per year of temporary work-from-anywhere for many team members. Some team members will also be hired or have the possibility to switch to full-time remote work. This general guideline will be adapted to every team and their needs by the team leads to ensure the most beneficial future working mode for the individual teams.

About Westwing

Westwing is the European leader in inspiration-based Home and Living eCommerce with EUR 433m of revenue in 2020. Through its ‘shoppable magazine’, Westwing inspires its loyal Home Enthusiast customers with a curated product selection and combines that with gorgeous content. With unparalleled loyalty, Westwing is generating more than 79% of orders from repeat customers. Westwing’s mission is: To inspire and make every home a beautiful home. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Munich. Westwing went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in October 2018 and is active in eleven European countries.


WestwingFlex only comes into effect once distance restrictions are eased and sufficient space in the Westwing headquarters can be ensured.