3# Makeup Looks to Wear With the Red Outfit

Red outfit makeup is something you should watch for. Solely because it can ruin your entire look. The catch here is not to wear up to a point, Pinterest like, makeup together with the red to toe outfit. Especially not on your nails or lips.

After publishing my latest outfit post (The Colour You Should Start Wearing Today), many of you asked me what makeup should you wear with the red outfit. Indeed doing the right makeup when wearing head to toe red can be quite challenging. And limited not to say anything else. Yet the rule is only one: don’t try too much. The biggest mistake you can do is to go for one of those Pinterest-perfect makeup looks. You know what I mean. The more is more look with the perfectly countered and highlighted face, cut crease eye makeup, eyebrows on fleek, extremely long fake lashes, perfectly lined glossy lips and on the top, stiletto red nails with some and sparkly dust don’t go with the red outfit.

Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t mean your only option is nude, natural makeup.Although I must say the glowing, radiant natural looking makeup, is my favourite red outfit makeup. However, there are another two makeup looks we should have in mind together with the red outfit this season.


As said, there are 3 makeup styles you can wear with the red outfits this season. Regarding the materials you are wearing and your makeup skills of course. READ MORE on BRUNETTE FROM WALL STREET