the EDIT No 2

And the EDIT is here. Finally! I know it’s my second the EDIT and I’m already one week behind. Although I do have a legit excuse for this. You know I went to the Paris Haute Couture last week, and I’m still not on track with … well with anything. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep, blogging, and go back to my healthy diet. Omg, all that sugar and desserts that I had in Paris. And the midnight sorbet at the Hotel Costes. And all that champagne cocktails. Monkey see evil. Oh, my poor liver and blood. I’m officially on detox until September. Anyway, back to the EDIT. You can see, this EDIT is all dressed in pink.

There is a reason bigger than a fashion trend why this EDIT is all in pink. This is my way to finally say goodbye to the pink clothes, sweet pink thoughts and silly daydreaming with no other goal than wasting mine time. I can finally say I grew up and have enough of that sweet pink hues. Pink simply isn’t me anymore. And it took Paris for me to finally see this.

While walking through the streets of Paris, sitting by the runway, and talking to my new friends, I realised I’m a different person now and all that pink outfits that I wore in last few weeks (all to the sake of fashion trends), brought my mind and state back to my teens. And you were saying clothes don’t make a person!

Perhaps I’m giving too big power to the pink, but this is how I feel. Weird right? And yet, pink is not a colour, pink it’s an attitude. Which unfortunately doesn’t work for me as I wish it would. At least not for now.

Anyway, enough about my misguided thoughts on the screen, let’s have a look at my fashion street and gossip from Paris Haute Couture. Read more on Brunette from Wall Street