A UX & UI Case Study

My last client project at RED Academy was to team up with my fellow classmates Seol Ah and Allan to redesign the current CanMed website for our client — the local entrepreneur named Vafa. Vafa is a retired pharmacologist who turned his part time hobby into main business —vitamins and supplements export.

My recent client project is for Jeremy and I to work with the UI team (Matt and Jimmy) to redesign the current IntraFitness website for our client — the local entrepreneur named Paul Wadsworth. Paul is a personal trainer and life coach. He’s trying to share his passion for health and fitness in order to inspire others around the world to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

The Very First UX Client Project


For our 3rd project into the program, my classmate Kate and I got sorted into a team to work with 2 other UI students, we’ll be working on our first real client project. We have 3 weeks to finish this project and complete all 5 UX process include research, planning, design, testing and prototype (Mid Fidelity). The client we have is Main Street Brewery and our task is to create an app to track their customer growlers loyalty stamps.

P2 — Veronika’s Cakeland


This is our second project in to the program, 3 other students and I got sorted into a group. We were given a task to design a ecommerce website. We have two weeks to finish this project and complete all 5 UX process include research, planning, design, testing and prototype (Mid Fidelity). Though we got sorted into a group, this is a personal project to showcase our design conept at the end of the process. We were required to do research phase together. A briefing document was given to us to simulate real-life projects.

The goal…

Project 5- Tourism Campaign

Campaign Goal

The goal of this project is to create a responsive website design and campaign for a selected city or area. In this project, I decided to create a website for the city Copenhagen, concentrating on the fairytale lifestyle of this magical city. The time given to complete this project is 3 weeks, we need to apply our knowledge that we learned in past 3 months with applications and skills.

1. Research

1.1 Why Copenhagen? Why fairytale life style?

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The Danes are known to be the happiest people, their quality of living continuously rated as the best…

UI Design — Responsive website

1.1 Background

Flywheel Digital is a digital marketing company providing 6 services include SEO, CRO and Analytics. This company is founded by Michael Steele whom has been in digital marketing field for 10 years and has a huge passion for it. As a start up company, Flywheel doesn’t have its own website yet, so Michael came to RED hoping to have responsive website designed for both desktop and mobile.

1.2 The Team

P3 Case Study

  1. Project Gravity Studio

Three weeks ago, UX and UI classmates are divided into three groups to work on three different projects. My teammates are Richard from UI design, Hunter and Tim from UX design. The project we were given is called Gravity Studio created by James Strieb. We will design an app for iOS phones, the app is an event creating app that’s map based.

Gravity Studio Original Design

2. Initial Client Meeting

We conducted initial client meeting with James to see he’s vision of this app and what we can do to realise those requirements and…

  1. Project Rewind

This project here is for me and my team member to design an iOS music app which can convert personal playlists into actual old school cassette audio formats and mail it to loved ones as gift. With this app, the user can search any songs and listen to music. The target audience are15–25 yo female students whom are extraverts, passionate, social, stylish, creative and love music. The key words are music, vintage, 80s, 90s, mix tapes, walkman, fun, hipster and power ballads.

The wireframes we designed must contain pages include:

· Sign up/login

· Navigation/search

· Now playing

  1. Project Typeface

The Project here is for everyone to create a typographical specimen for the chosen typeface which is Lato for me in this case. We need to look at the history of this typeface and showcase of its usage, application and fonts.

2. The Research

Veronika Xiao

Hi, I’m a UX / UI Designer based in Vancouver.

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